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Welcome to your Gluten Free Oasis.

In 2005, after being falsely diagnosed with IBS, Acid Reflux, and being put on all kinds of medications that didn't change a thing, I was finally diagnosed with Celiac Disease. Like every other person diagnosed so late in life, I freaked. I was 24 years old, a complete and total Foodie, and REALLY upset. I'm Italian - I LIVED on pasta and bread growing up! I grew up in a big family of Foodies, and have traveled the world trying out the greatest restaurants and cuisines. That diagnosis REALLY threw a wrench into my lifestyle for a minute, but there was no way I was going to let that fly. Research, classes, INFO, INFO, and INFO... I have now spent much more time researching Gluten and how to eliminate it easily and with flavor than I spent on any class in college.
Eventually, I got to a point where I was getting near-daily EMails from friends and acquaintances: "Nikki my mom just got diagnosed... Nikki I just found out I have Celiac Disease, help me... Nikki I am Gluten Intolerant, what do I do now... " Instead of continuing to copy-and-paste my replies to everyone, I finally decided to put it ALL in one place. If you're a food lover like me and you're either newly diagnosed, or you just need some new perspective - welcome to Gluten Guru Dot Net. Hopefully you can take my knowledge and contribute your own as well.

If you're a restaurant owner and you're considering adding a Gluten Free menu or just some options for your Celiac patrons, it's much easier than it sounds. Sometimes being able to label foods as "GLUTEN FREE" is as easy as changing out a grill baste in the kitchen. Shoot us an EMail through the "Contact" section and we'll talk - we are always available by appointment to talk to your staff about what gluten is and where it hides, make you a GF version of your menu and can even supply breads and other delicious goodies.

Now let's go eat! :-)